Why Bushra Ansari Stopped Humayun Saeed From Calling Her Aapa


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Bushra Ansari is the definition of pure talent. She can sing, act, and perform live. She is a legend, and people of all ages have adored her since she has worked since she was a youngster. Bushra Ansari has a long list of successful projects under her belt, and her fans are always excited to see what she will sign next.

Bushra Ansari recently announced her marriage to Iqbal Hussain. The pair has been together for several years, and Busra felt it was time to make a formal announcement. She was showered with love and blessings from her followers in her new journey.

In an interview with Wasi Shah, Bushra Ansari made a hilarious disclosure. She is entertaining, and she never hesitates to make a joke when the time arises. She revealed that she had finally stopped Humayun Saeed from calling her Aapa. She further stated that her husband is younger than Humayun and should stop calling her Aapa from now on.

Bushra giggled as she explained that she doesn’t mind being called Aapa because it shows respect and is preferable to being called Madam all the time. But she was cheeky when she could and made a humorous remark.

This is what she said:

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