Dr Nabiha Defends Her Viral Statement Regarding Pakistani Women


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Dr. Nabiha Ali Khan is a well-known Pakistani psychologist, social media influencer, and artist who has given motivational talks and appeared on television. She also creates useful and entertaining videos for her official Instagram account. Dr. Nabiha’s scandalous statement on Pakistani women recently went viral. Dr. Nabiha Ali Khan stated in her comments that “Pakistani women should become courtesans if they want to please their husbands or if they don’t want their husbands to cheat on them”. This went viral, and social media users reacted angrily to the psychologist’s statement. Many ladies disagreed with her comments.

Dr. Nabiha Ali Khan recently appeared on Samaa TV’s show Meri Saheli, where she defended her viral statement, saying, “You can see, girls are doing the same on social media.” They dance across all social media platforms and have become a public commodity. Why can’t they do this for their husbands? That’s why our relationships aren’t working and our society is deteriorating. The marital connection is more than just cooking food and doing housework; women should make their husbands happy. By this word, I do not mean that they should become exactly like their husbands; rather, they should become more attractive to their husbands by adopting their traits.

Here’s the link to the video:

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