Ishq Murshid Total Episodes Revealed


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Ishq Murshid is a popular serial, and fans adore all of the characters. The two Fazal Bakhshs, the actual one portrayed by Ali Gul Mallah and the fake one played by Bilal Abbas Khan, both win over the audience’s hearts, and their chemistry together is fantastic. Ali Gul Mallah is a brilliant Sindhi actor who has demonstrated his abilities in cinema. He also does Vlogs to share his experiences with the world.

When an episode of Ishq Murshid airs, fans eagerly await the next one. There have been several worries regarding how many episodes the drama would have, and many fans have grumbled that the drama episodes have diminished in size in recent weeks. So, Ali Gul Mallah has revealed how many episodes the serial would contain. He also offered some hilarious behind-the-scenes footage from the final day of shooting.

Ali Gul Mallah further confirmed that Ishq Mursid will consist of 30-32 episodes. So we’re already halfway through the drama, and the ride will be enjoyable. Here is Ali Gul Mallah’s Vlog from the last day of Ishq Mrshid:

Here is the link to the video watch here:

Here is the link to another video watch here:

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