Maira Khan, who was bitten by a scorpion during the shooting, has returned from the face of death


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Karachi: Actress Maira Khan says that she has returned from the face of death after suffering dangerous accidents twice.

Recently, actress Myra Khan along with co-star Naeem Haq participated in Express Entertainment TV’s program ‘The Talk Talk Show’ where she talked about her personal life and the events that happened to her in the showbiz industry.

Myra Khan revealed that she was shooting a scene in a graveyard in Swat for a movie when she was suddenly bitten by a scorpion.

The actress said that she felt something bite her foot after which she was immediately put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital where it was found that she was bitten by a local dangerous black scorpion.

Moira Khan said that at that time I felt that I am going to die and this is my last time.

The actress further said that another dangerous incident happened to her for the second time in the same month where on the way back from Swat, the brakes of her car failed between the hill and the ditch and the car had to climb the hill.

Moira said that the car came down the hill and then she felt for the second time that she was dead. The actress said that she has come back from the face of death twice in her life, for which she cannot thank Allah enough.

Mayra Khan is a beautiful model and actor. She started her career with PTV. Her popular dramas include Kise Awaz Du, Kazan, Cheikh, Badi Bahu. Recently, Myra Khan also participated in a reality show called Tamasha, which made her famous.

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