Ushna Shah shared the correct method of boycott campaign against Israel


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Ushna Shah constantly raises her voice for the Palestinians

On social networking site X, Ishna Shah shared a video of co-star Tamkunat. In which she explained to users how to effectively participate in the worldwide boycott campaign against Israel.

Tamkunat can be seen and heard explaining that consumers around the world are united in boycotting the products of companies. But they are trying to put pressure to stop this aggression.

She said that if we start boycotting products on our own to do so on social media. It will not have any effect because few people will boycott something and few will boycott something else.

She said that Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) is a movement that was started in 2005 in favor of the Palestinians. And against Israel, and under it, a few specific companies were selected that were directly against the Palestinians. Contributingly, BDS has called on people around the world to boycott these companies, which has been done in the past with success.

Tamkunat has stated that after the recent Israeli-Palestinian tension, BDS demanded a boycott of 3 global companies. In order to force these companies to change their strategy by applying economic pressure, and then their Other companies should also change their strategy and stop supporting Israel.

It should be noted that the brutal Israeli bombardment has been going on in Gaza for more than a month. As a result, the number of martyrs has exceeded 11 thousand, a large number of them being children and women.

Political leaders around the world, including the United Nations, have failed to stop Israel from genocide of Palestinians. But now, along with the rest of the world, a boycott campaign has started in Pakistan against pro-Israel international companies. People are trying to contribute to this boycott campaign and teaching other users to be a part of this campaign on social media. They say that if we cannot stop Israeli atrocities, we can at least resist them by hurting them economically.

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