Ali Sethi Celebrated LGBTQ Pride Month With A Personal Message


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Ali Sethi, the son of journalist Najam Sethi and politician Jugnu Mohsin, and his sister Mira Sethi, a writer and actress, is one of today’s most successful singers. He has performed on a variety of platforms, including Coke Studio and Coachella, and he enjoys expressing his art, fashion, and musical taste wherever he goes.

Ali Sethi has been expressing himself freely for some time now. He is honest about his sexuality and wants to work for the LGBTQ community so that they can freely express themselves. The news of his reported marriage to artist Salman Toor became viral a while back, but he denied the rumors.

Every June, the queer community celebrates Pride Month. Ali Sethi also took to Instagram and published a childhood photo, stating that you will one day find love with his younger self. This was the lesson he wanted to convey to a younger Ali, who was not as open about himself as Ali is now. Here’s his message:

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