Iftikhar Thakur Reveals Late Qavi Khan’s Philanthropic Side


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Late Qavi Khan Sahab is a legend in Pakistani entertainment history. He worked in television, theatre, and cinema, and was an expert in each. He served the country for decades before passing away last year, leaving behind millions of supporters who will always admire him for his efforts.The trailer is finally out, and the film is set in the 1990s. VCR will be the third lead in the story, as evidenced by the trailer, and both lads seem good in their roles. This will be a comic blast for the audience, as Nabeel Qureshi always manages to win over the audience.

Iftikhar Thakur is also an artist who has collaborated with all of the industry’s legends and has been quite close to several of them. He was a guest on Hafiz Ahmed’s show, and he spoke about Qavi Khan’s philanthropic side, which many people are unaware of, and how a foundation he founded has been aiding Pakistani daughters for years now.

Iftikhar Thakur revealed that the Qavi Sahab Foundation in Multan assists young ladies in getting married. They are completely involved in the process, searching for suitable matches for the girls, preparing their dowry, and staying in touch with them even after they marry. The foundation still has enough funds to last for many years.

Here is what Iftikhar Thakur revealed:

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